EMEA Consulting Services is an independent consulting firm specialized in international type approval services for all radio and telecommunication terminal equipments with many years of experience and depth knowledge in the fields of international type approval and certification services in over than 200 countries worldwide.

EMEA Consulting Services have a unique combination of local presence, international networks and bi-lateral agreements. We make sure that your products get regulatory access to required markets fast and efficiently.

With our breadth of knowledge and years of experience, combined with our expert’s know-how about rules and regulations in over 200 countries world wide, we make sure that you have the needed information at any step of your product value chain (development, testing, certification, marketing, sales and after sales).

We have invested significant time and resources in developing and maintaining key relationships with the government agencies and laboratories. Our technical expertise including experienced engineers and country-specific regulatory know-how ensures fast and efficient results.

On a nationwide and international basis, we aim to act as a trusted partner by honoring our values of dependability, reachability and efficiency, while upholding the highest levels of confidentiality and integrity against our clients.

EMEA Consulting Services ➤ Your Partner for International Type Approval

Type Approval is nowadays mandatory in more that 90% of the countries worldwide. Regulations are different; no market is like the other. Pre-investigation helps to avoid unnecessary costs.

Please contact us and we will provide you with the required information for your target countries.

A main factor to decrease the type approval costs in a country is to know if the country accepts a modular or family approval.

A classification of modular- and family-approval countries is available and can be provided to our clients.

To achieve the trust and satisfaction of our clients, EMEA attach importance to the reachability and an ongoing update of your projects. Our responsible engineers answer your request within 24 hours.

For a regular update we send you our weekly status report for your projects.